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2010 Haiti Earthquake
On January 12, a series of earthquakes ranging from 6.5 to 7.3 devastated Haiti. According to reports, as many as three million people had been affected by the quake, which collapsed government buildings and caused major damage to hospitals in the area. The Endowment Fund immediately allocated funds to American Red Cross for relief work and shelter to the victims.          

2009 Italy Earthquake
Over 170,000 were rendered homeless and hundreds killed by this deadly earthquake in Italy. Thousands of historical buildings were destroyed in the Medieval city of L'Aquila. A quick response was given by us in the form of food and shelter to the victims. The Endowment Fund allocated funds to assist for the relief work, providing food and shelter to the victims through the Italian Red Cross.

2009 Typhoon Ketsanan (Locally called Onday, Phillipines)
Typhoon Ketsana struck several Southeast Asian countries, leaving hundreds dead and millions homeless. It triggered the worst flooding in the Phillipines which affected 3 million people... Immediate assistance was provided by the Endowment Fund through ABS-CBN Foundation in Phillipines, by delivering food and providing shelter to the victims.
2008 Burma Cyclone
Cyclone Nargis hit Burma in 2008 and was one of the deadliest cyclones in their history. The United Nations estimated that 1.50 million people were "severely affected" by this cyclone. Foreign aid workers estimated that 2 to 3 million were homeless, in the worst disaster in Burma's history. Assistance was immediately provided through global organizations in the form of food and shelter to the victims.
2007 Kansas Tornado, USA
A massive tornado system swept through Greensburg, Kansas, damaging almost 90% of the town and leaving thousands homeless. The Endowment Fund for World Peace and Global Healing provided immediate assistance by delivering food and providing shelter to victims.
2007 Florida Tornado, USA
Thousands of Floridians were affected by the unexpected tornado in February, 2007. A quick response of food and shelter assistance helped victims cope with the disaster.
2005 Kashmir Earthquake
The 7.7 earthquake killed over 75,000, injured over 100,000, and displaced more than 4 million people. Through the Rotary International, RI District 3010, India, we helped victims by funding the materials aide workers needed to construct temporary homes.
2005 Hurricane Katrina, USA
Hurricane Katrina was the costliest and among the top 5 deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States. Due to the extent of the catastrophe, only rescue workers from designated organizations were allowed to enter the affected area. The Endowment Fund for World Peace and Global Healing allocated funding for the immediate response and we are still currently involved with assisting Katrina survivors with new homes and jobs.
2004 Indonesian Tsunami
Intense Indonesian siesmic activity under the sea created tsunamis that pounded the coasts of the Asian and African continent and changed the island topography of the immediate area. Over 200,000 people in eight different countries died in just a few hours with over 100,000 still missing. Through collaboration with other global organizations, our funds were used to directly provide tsunami victims with shelter, food and clean water.

2004 Hurricane Ivan, USA
The most intense and destructive hurricane of the 2004 season killed 52 people and destroyed over 25,000 homes. We were an integral group in providing shelter and food to the victims.